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We've all seen the stereotypical therapists on TV: a bearded, bespectacled, older gentleman who confuses his clients with excessive "psychobabble", or the therapist who takes notes all session and only seems to say "How does that make you feel?"


Well, SPOILER ALERT - this is not what you will find with me as your therapist.  I take a down-to-earth approach with each client and place great value on establishing trust and rapport. Sure, therapy might have some emotional moments, but there are also moments of levity and humor. For therapy to be successful, you must first feel comfortable.


Rather than being steadfast in one theoretical orientation, I draw from a range of theories based on the needs of my clients. In other words, I am an integrative therapist and tend to draw from client-centered, cognitive behavioral, and solution-focused theories. What resonates for some people may not work for others, so I tailor my approach to the unique style and needs of each individual. 

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